Innovative projects in the field of sports diplomacy and gender equality

We take great pleasure in announcing that our organization is set to launch two innovative projects in the forthcoming months, both within the realm of sports diplomacy, and with the support of the esteemed Global Sports Mentoring Program

The first project, titled “Empowering Women in Sports: Extending the GSMP Legacy from Pitch to Podium,” is poised to leave a lasting mark. This initiative will showcase a dynamic blend of sporting events and workshops dedicated to empowering women through the realm of sports. With the participation of accomplished GSMP alumni from Brazil and North Macedonia, this venture will particularly benefit young women from Brazil, allowing them to harness the power of sports for personal and professional growth.

Our second project, titled “ALMAKO in action to develop sports diplomacy in the region” , equally compelling, aims to cultivate leadership skills among a select group of young female athletes. Drawing participants from Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia, this endeavor will utilize sports as a vehicle for teaching invaluable leadership qualities in these aspiring athletes, enhancing their abilities both on and off the field.

Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting developments as we continue to champion the transformative potential of sports diplomacy.