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Sport Social Solutions

Achieving social and sustainable change through sport

Mission and Vision

Mission: To achieve social and sustainable change through sport

Vision: To contribute with ideas, objectives and initiatives that facilitates new collaborations and long-established partnerships

Social Changes

We Create and Support

Programs that can multiply the power of sport as an educational and inclusive tool.

As an example we sustain the initiative of Social Rugby Club and we provide resources to its website.

What We Do

SSS constantly invests in sport as a lever for social change and sustainable development. We believe that sport and play can greatly contribute in developing life skills and empowering girls and young people thus generating sustainable and positive changes at the communities we serve. We aim to create solutions and build platforms for impactful change. We create and support programs that can multiply the power of sport as an educational and inclusive tool.

In order to achieve our objectives we collaborate and provide support to diversified network of stakeholders such as sports organizations, local communities, Olympic Committees, Governments and other government-led institutions, NGO’s and others with whom we share joint vision and values.

Our Expertise

Promote Inclusion

Promote Inclusion

Promote inclusion, equal opportunities and empowerment of girls and young people through sport

Encourage Activity

Encourage Activity

Encourage physical activity among young people and advance inclusive and equal participation to sport for all

Sport Education

Sport Education

Use sport education to promote sustainable and social development


Good Governance

Advance good governance and integrity in sport and address and prevent doping and all kinds of intolerance and discrimination

Sport Crowd

Sports Diplomacy

Utilize sports diplomacy as a leverage to build long-lasting ties between people and communities

Our Projects

We list here our projects and will continue to add them following their launch.


Empowerment of girls and women through rugby

This project is implemented in Skopje, North Macedonia in collaboration with rugby experts from Kosovo and New Zealand as well as with national experts on sport for social development and empowerment through sport. The participants were educated on developing soft skills particularly leadership, teamwork, communication and time-management thus building solid skills for employability.

The project was supported by the USA State Department within the GSMP fellowship.

Social Rugby Club


CARE PROJECT: Delivering workshops on non-violent communication in sport

This project is delivered in partnership with Peace Flow and world-recognized leader in non-violent communication (NVC), Mrs. Diana Bonar. Coaches from various sport clubs and associations across North Macedonia have learnt about the concept of non-violent communication NVC that they will use in their scope of work, both at grassroots and elite level. NVC assist and develops solid collaboration and partnership between coaches and athletes thus taking care for their well-being in a holistic approach. 

CARE: Non-violent communication in sport


Advancing physical activity at workplace

Our managing director Silvija Mitevska was part of the expert group which worked on developing recommendations on creating and advancing active workplaces. The expert group which was made of representatives from the Ministry of Health, Faculty for physical education, sport and health and the Institute of occupational health in North Macedonia has prepared several documents such as pool of good practices, research of the current situation in RSM as well as key massages on how to advance physical activity at organizational and institutional level. The project has been supported by the World Health Organization Country office in Skopje.

Advancing physical activity at workplace

Our Team

Sport Social Solutions team combines highly specialised experts in the area of project management, research, marketing and dissemination, with a worldwide network of sport stakeholders.
Sport Social Solutions team Members are well recognized Olympians, sports managers and experts in different fields such as sports diplomacy, gender equality, dual career, social inclusion and more.
  • Silvija Mitevska

    Director General
    Silvija Mitevska is a founding partner and Managing Director at Sport Social Solutions. She is a recognized expert in the field of sports diplomacy as well as a vocal advocate for gender equality in sports. Silvija is a former advisor to the Prime Minster of North Macedonia on sports and a sports consultant to national sports organizations. She is chairing the Commission on Women and sport at the National Olympic committee as well as the sustainability commission at the International Teqball Federation. Silvija holds master degree in human rights and political science and sports management.
  • Sara Glogovac

    Administrative Officer
    Sara Glogovac is the administrative officer at Sport Social Solutions. She has a vast experience and expertise in Erasmus + Sport Programme, mainly managing grants as an administrative officer. For many years she has been engaged with the Olympic movement, particularly in establishing partnerships with national sports federations and committees. Sara holds a master degree in public relations in the field of sport. She has also graduated advanced sport management under IOC as well as European course on sports administration under the EOSE.
  • Puleksenija Jovanoska

    Olympian athlete
    Puleksenija Jovanoska is a partner and project manager at Sport Social Soltions. She is world recognized karate athlete, at her last participation at the Olympic Games Tokio 2020 she scored as ninth place. She is a strong advocate for gender equality and equal opportunities for women and men and a member of the Working group on women and sport at the national Olympic Committee. Her expertise focuses on dual career, sport for social change and good governance within sport sector.
  • Natasha Meskovska

    Olympian athlete
    Natasha Meskovska is a partner at Sport Social Solutions. She is a two times Olympian swimmer with prominent and world recognized sport career. Her expertise is in dual career, enhancing physical activity and healthy lifestyle for all. For many years she has overseen national projects on social inclusion of youth from marginalized communities as well as working with socially excluded youth across North Macedonia. She is also a professor at Faculty of Physical Education, Sport and Health in Skopje. Natasha holds master in physical education and a PhD in PE and kinesiology.
  • Nadica Tanevska

    Digital Creator
    Nadica Tanevska is a partner and Audit Committee member at Sport Social Solutions. She has vast experience in marketing, communication and project dissemination. She has been proactively involved within the civil society sector and a freelancer for international organizations such as Council of Europe. Nadica is a passionate mountaineer and outdoor sports person. Nadica holds masters in graphic design and financial management by the European University Skopje.
  • Edina Musa

    Project Manager
    Edina Musa, a partner at Sport Social Solutions, is widely acknowledged as a prominent basketball player in North Macedonia, boasting an international career spanning six years. She completed her high school and college education in the USA, earning a degree in Kinesiology, and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Kinesiology at the Faculty of Physical Education, Sport, and Health in Skopje. As one of the most prominent athletes in our country, Edina serves as an ambassador for "Her World Her Rule", a FIBA campaign dedicated to attracting more girls to basketball. Additionally, she has established her own women's basketball club, where she prioritizes increasing female participation in the sport locally. Edina emerges as a vocal advocate for gender equality and holds considerable influence in the realm of sports.
  • Aleksandra Dimevska

    Project Assistant
    Aleksandra Dimevska serves as a project assistant at Sport Social Solutions, bringing a wealth of experience and specialized knowledge in the Erasmus + Sport Programme. Her involvement with the Special Olympics and various NGOs over the years highlights her proficiency in fostering partnerships with international bodies, as well as her adeptness in handling administrative, financial duties across numerous projects, and engaging with key stakeholders. Aleksandra has earned a master's degree from the distinguished Executive Master in Sport Organization Management (MEMOS) program in Lausanne, overseen by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Additionally, she completed her undergraduate studies in Public Relations and Human Resources in Corporations at the "Iustinianus Primus" State Law Faculty in Skopje.

International Experts

Leonardo Cunha

Leonardo Cunha is an experienced Sports Project Manager in Cape Verde and Portuguese-speaking African countries. Furthermore, he is a competent manager in the Olympic Movement and holds an international certification by the International Olympic Committee as Advanced Programme Director. His background and experience allow him to work as project manager and organizational developer in any project and non-profit organization. He was co-designer of the Sport Boot camp in Cape Verde and one of the leading experts in the field of social entrepreneurship in sport. He is also engaged at the University of Cape Verde as Guest Lecturer in the Master in Sports Management.

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Lina Gjorcevska

Lina Gjorcevska is the most successful Macedonian tennis player to date. She has career-high WTA rankings of 170 in singles and 116 in doubles. Lina is a vocal advocate for empowerment of youth through sport and as an active athlete she is a prominent role-model to many girls and women in North Macedonia. Lina shares the positive values and benefits of sport thus encouraging young athletes to practice good sportsmanship, engage in clean & healthy performance, and develop life skills & character through sport. 

Irina Dishovska

Irina Dishovska is an experienced high mountain climber and was able to climb the extremely difficult Himalayan peak Ama Dablam without usage of supplemental oxygen and help of high altitude porters. She is a great role-model as she represents resilience, self-discipline and motivation for achievements, always conveying the positive power of sport to enhance life and social skills, particularly among youth.

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