Human Rights Empowered Through the Rights of Athletes ( H.E.R.O)

H.E.R.O project’s main objective is to respect, protect and promote athletes’ human rights in sport by supporting sport bodies in developing appropriate and effective strategies and mechanisms to prevent athletes’ human rights violations on one hand and respond to cases of abuse.

The project aspires to enhance the scientific literature on human rights violations in sports and formulate evidence-based recommendations to prevent and address these violations. Additionally, an online training program will be introduced to boost the knowledge and capability of sports institutions to respond to reports and allegations of sport-related abuse, and onsite workshops will be organized to raise awareness among athletes about the significance of promoting and protecting human rights in sports. The project will also establish a Protocol for Athlete Human Rights Protection that will provide guidelines for sports organizations and stakeholders to follow to protect athletes’ human rights.

Sport Social Solutions takes part of the consortium together with French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs (IRIS) , ASSER INSTITUTE from The Netherlands , EUNIK , Sport Innovation Hub and Olympic Committe of North Macedonia.

This project is EU funded.

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