PackPick Project

Sport Social Solutions is proud to announce its partnership in the “Content Knowledge Package for Teaching Pickleball,” known as the PackPick Project. This collaborative initiative spans the next two years and involves key organizations such as Pickleball Turkey, Pickleball France, and Pickleball Spain, all members of the European Pickleball Federation. The coordination of the project rests in the capable hands of the Physical Education Teachers Association of Turkey.

As an esteemed associate member, the European Physical Education Teachers Association (EUPEA) will play a vital role in disseminating the project outcomes. The main objective of the PackPick Project is to develop a comprehensive professional development workshop. This workshop aims to equip university instructors and physical education teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively teach pickleball. To achieve this, the project will provide in-depth teaching materials, resources, and pedagogical training.

Central to the mission of the PackPick Project is the goal to enhance the accessibility and enjoyment of pickleball for individuals of all ages, genders, skill levels, and backgrounds. Recognizing pickleball as a sport for all, this initiative seeks to make a meaningful impact on the broader community by fostering inclusivity and ensuring that the joy of pickleball is accessible to everyone.

The project is funded by the European Union.

Take a look at the promotional video: